Johnny T


….sometimes this feels more like a process of elimination type thing. I’m trying to remain positive and hopeful. Trying to enjoy this somewhat repetitive exhausting journey.
Johnny T seemed to have a sense of humour, two kids pre-teen, worked full time at a reputable company.
All the basics!  
We msg’d for a couple weeks before meeting. In that I learned a few interesting things:
1) He uses ‘all’ instead of ‘I’ll’ in messages, drives me
2) He currently lives with his parents…but realizes he needs to move out. 
3) He knew an ex b/f I had dated in the fall for a couple months (I’ll call him Sha-boom I’ll tell you about him someday). 
4) Not only did Johnny T know Sha-boom as the two of them were from a small town, but they hung out and ended up sleeping with each other’s exes!!  
Even after all that I decide, everybody has a past…remaining positive. 
We decided to meet at a coffee shop, in my city…we meet in the parking lot. We get out of the car hug hello and strike 1- he rubbed my ass. We head in he pays for coffee, we grab a seat. Strike 2- he smells like a cigarette (yet  I remember him telling me he only smokes when he drinks) Strike 3- he then tells me he had 4 beers with his buddy who was just released from JAIL before coming to meet me. Yay a drunk driver with convicted friends!  Seriously could this get worse? 
I look down at his fingers and they are brownish yellow, so I ask…you only smoke when you drink right? He says yes….so he’s also apparently an alcoholic!!! Is this strike 12 yet?? 
After an hour or so of him talking about how often he frequents strip clubs in this I’m too cool for school type of way….we head out to our cars and he dives in for a kiss, and a groping hug, again touching my ass! I managed some crazy ninja spin and I get in my car and head home! Phew that cost me like $2 in gas…done. When I get home he texts to say he had a great time and maybe next time he will let ME buy him dinner….lol….I thank him for coffee and tell him he’s better get some sleep. Strike 100 – the text…… 

he’s gonna rub one out…..no words. 

He drunk text me for the remainder of that weekend and finally I just said, we are in very different places….good luck. 
It’s gotta get better riiiight?!

Dangerous Jeff

It’s not what you think, online this guy could make me laugh and we shared the same type of humour. He was witty and quick and seemed to have his shit together. His kids were great ages and I couldn’t wait to meet him. We talked for a couple weeks before we met. I was excited to see a text from him and even more excited to respond, we just seemed to have a good connection. One thing that was brought up but never really discussed was where we lived. We lived in the same city and in the same area….this could be interesting right. But what are the chances that we would actually know each other.
So he asked to meet up for a drink at a downtown bar that neither of us had been to before. That day was strange, I would send a text and he would send one back but never really answering any questions I had, things just seemed off. I thought maybe he was preoccupied. The day before we had discussed after dinner, possibly meeting around 7pm. That night I raced  home, fed my kids, got ready and waited……and waited…..and waited…..I text about 6:30 to make sure we were still on then again at 7:15pm to make sure everything was okay. Nothing….at 7:30 I called, and he answered….he hadn’t received any of my texts all day and thought I was avoiding him. So we made plans and met downtown at 8pm. At first sight I was pleasantly surprised, I had never met him or seen him before and he was cute. We went in and ordered a Corona, laughed, talked about our kids, had another Corona talked some more and then we ordered beer 3 and decided to figure out if we knew each other. 2 questions in we had not only discovered that we attended he same high school but that our exes were together before we were….he was friends (really good friends) with some mutual friends we had. I was super bummed but now know it was just too dangerous to continue. Who wants that level of drama in your life?! Not this girl.