Honorable Mentions

Shady Shawn 
Nice guy, no attraction, bought him coffee and after a couple hours of walking around I asked him where he parked his car and that’s when he told me he doesn’t have one, not a huge deal….until he told me why. He let his insurance run out and was stopped a few times and fined, the 4th time he was stopped the cops actually arrested him in front of his kids he was sooooo pissed. He then spent some time in jail. He’s still mad about it and has no plans to figure out steps to make it right.

Escaping Jason

We met at an Escape room, if you don’t know what that is look it up, my idea…not bad right?! We agreed to pay for ourselves and just enjoy. Within the first 1/2hr of us meeting we were on our knees, blindfolded and handcuffed in a red light room. That was a first for me. It was fine. I was actually better than I thought. He was nice. That’s it. No wow factor. The end. 

Rob not jaded, just broke.

Spent a month talking with this guy, found him interesting. At times it was actually pretty hot and I couldn’t wait to meet him. We grabbed a coffee and decided to go for a walk. Great conversation, we laughed, there were a couple red flags but they were small and somewhat insignificant given a few people I’ve recently met…I mean, no jail time. We planned to meet again. The second date I asked if he wanted to grab ice cream or go to the movies and that’s where it all went downhill. He then explained his financial situation and it was less than ideal. He said, put it this way I bought you a coffee the other day, in a few months I could buy you dinner and in a few years maybe we could plan a trip. I appreciated his honesty for sure. We are just in different places in our life. I can afford to date and have waited long enough to enjoy and try things. 

All night Jimmy

Spur of the moment, I get a msg from a guy I had msg’d back and forth with a few times. So out of my comfy pjs and into some jeans for a 10pm coffee meeting that turned into a 9hr truck conversation. It was good. He was decent although the the more he talked the more I realized he was a big fish story sort of guy. He was a champion pool player. He owned a bar in a big city with a famous rockstar. Had a bunch of cars and was only currently living at his parents while he was house hunting. He also was willing to give it up to me after spending the last year completely abstinent he has decided that I could be the one that changes that. Anyways the date ended and I thought maybe I’ll see him again. Shortly after 7am when I got home I start receiving msgs from him asking if he can come over…to which I said no (my kids were home), and it started becoming uncomfortable and he was trying to play some guilt card and was really pushing the subject to which I did not give in and that was about it for me. The end. 

No bad experiences just exhausting ones, this process sure does wear on me and every once in a while I need to pause, check myself and re-energize ME. 

If I just stop looking for love will the perfect man fall into my lap? Or is this something I need to keep pursuing?