Average Joe’s

I met Joe 1 in a park he bought me a flower (was sweet) and we walked for over an hour. He was a nice guy, cared about his kid and worked full time. Only one thing I debated was he didn’t have a vehicle, could I manage this? Besides not driving, all good things. Conversation was good. Nothing funny tho. Nothing that grabbed my attention and had me wanting more but also no red flags telling me to run. So I kept talking to him. 

At the same time along came Joe 2. Met him for a walk, he brought me a bouquet of flowers and we walked for a couple hours. Again nice guy…blah, blah, just nothing that had me craving anything more. 

I had a difficult time with these Joe’s. They were average nice guys, so I started thinking that maybe I’m not giving them enough of a chance. Maybe it’s me. Maybe my expectations shouldn’t be so high on date one. Maybe nerves play more of a factor then I think and things get better. So I decided to go on date 2 with each. 

Joe 2 invited me over to watch a movie at his place, he was really cute about it and bought candy and chocolate and popcorn and it was nice. He walked me to my car and we had a little kiss and I drove away. Again, I thought there’s nothing really wrong. But also nothing really right.

Joe 1 and I made plans for a bike ride and tennis. It was good time. Date 2 lasted a few hours. We finished off with ice cream, no kiss. Again nice guy. 

Joe 1 and I went for coffee one more time and played darts at his house. Met his son, but I could tell we were like buddies hanging out. At least that’s how I felt. 

So here I was in complete limbo, not feeling satisfied with anything. That’s when I came across a blog that appeared exactly when I needed it. It basically said if it’s not fuck yes, it’s simply a no. No in between, no middle ground. Should you date him? Either he drives you crazy, makes you think of no one else and you can’t sleep until he says goodnight, or the answer is just no. Should you stay with her? Either she is all you think about, she makes you smile like an idiot when you see her, and you can’t sleep until you’ve said goodnight to her, or it’s a no.

It goes on to say that having boundaries is the key to happiness. Accept no less than you deserve, be treated like you should, and never settle to be anyone’s second best. 

If you’re not answering fuck yes, then you’re answering no. 

Buh bye Joe 1&2.