Moudy Sam

Started out like they all do, nice with a sense of humour. His name was Sam. We chatted for a few days. Long conversations through text about life. He was from the same town as me, this always makes things interesting. With a population of over 350,000…you’d think there was a chance you wouldn’t have a friend in common. We talked about high schools and boom….there it was. He went to my ex’s high school. The ex that I spent 20 years of my life with and two beautiful boys later….ya that guy. Soooo….to get it out of the way I bring up my ex’s name, what do you know, he not only knows him but they have a history. Sam thinks he’s great, my ex that is. Hasn’t seen him in 20+ years but the memories live on. Awesome. Oh and then he tells me his name isn’t Sam. It’s Moudy, as in Mohamed. Why lie. Strike 1.

I decide to meet him anyways, ya never know right? ….right?!

I had an errand I had to run, so I invited him along for the ride. I picked him up, he was nice…..yep. Nice.

He was a smoker and it was all over him. His teeth, smell of his clothes and hands were all proof.

We chatted in the car and it was fine. He went down memory lane quite a few times talking about my ex…..isn’t it suppose to be the other way around? Or not at all? I knew in the first 5 min of meeting him, the end was near. So, I dropped him back off at his house. He text an hour later and asked my honest thoughts….so I told him. I’m gay.

Just kidding. I told him the truth. The ex thing was a bit much for me!✌️ Continue reading



Helicopter pilot anyone?

Sounded promising. We only chatted a few times before he said lets meet! I had nothing to lose at this point. I had been down on my luck and wasn’t feeling all that positive in the dating world. 

Besides dating, I had also been training for my first marathon which had just started ramping up and taking up a good portion of my life.

So it’s a Sunday, Mr. helicopter pilot is working and says after work lets meet for a drink. He suggests 7pm at a nearby pub. We continued to text throughout the evening as 7pm turned into 7:30, then 8pm, then 8:30. Before I knew it we were meeting at 8:45. I had offered to make it another night, but he insisted. I was understanding as I knew it was out of his control, he was on a call. 

So we meet in the parking lot, at first glance he was tall with curly hair, cute…..but then I saw it…a really low cut v-neck shirt. Maybe I could look past it. Maybe. We head to the patio and are seated, the waitress asks what I would like so I order a beer. He orders a water. A low v neck shirt and a water. Ahem, moving on. We discuss work and kids and a little bit of life and the waitress comes back and he tries to order something to eat and she says sorry kitchen is closed. Back to the water, I assumed he ordered a water because of work or being on call, but I had to confirm. So I asked…the water? Is that because of work? He says no, and continues to tell me about how he doesn’t drink. 

Let’s back up for a moment, HE asked me for a drink at a pub (his idea). He could have asked me for a coffee. A walk. Anything. 

So the bill comes and the waitress places it on the table, now this is awkward. Does he pay for my 1 beer or do I. It’s the only thing that cost any money. I waited it out for a few minutes before reaching for it and paying. He didn’t even make an attempt. We walk out to the parking lot say goodbye and we never speak again. 

I don’t know about you but if I invite YOU, I’m planning on paying.