420 friendly?

I should’ve known from one of the first questions he asked, that life with him could be quite effortless….lots of naps and a lifetime of munchies. The question was simple. Are you 420 friendly? The answer is also simple. Yes, I am 420 friendly. To me that means I may not smoke the Mary Jane, but I’m okay with others smoking it occasionally. A little bit more about him. He lived in a town where I haven’t had much dating luck. He had a son that was just over a year old, said his son was his life. And dirt bikes, loves to race. If I couldn’t see myself supporting his racing, standing in the crowds cheering him on, walk away now. I appreciate the honesty. 

We chatted for a couple weeks. In that time he had told me he had plans to see his son 2 or 3 times, none of which had happened. Also he took a trip with a friend for work and afterwards sent me a picture of all the reefers that were smoked along the way, like somehow I’d be impressed at their weed consumption. Seriously 8 joints smoked on a 4hr road trip. Impaired driving? Dead against it. We chatted some more about him and his love for pot and he made it sound like he could take it or leave it. 

A few days later he happened to be in my city, so spur of the moment I met up with him and we grabbed coffee and walked and walked and grabbed more coffee and walked. He was nice. Saved me from a skunk. Walked on the outside of sidewalk. Total gentleman. End of the night we hugged goodbye, said we’d see each other again. He went away for a few days to a race and every time I talked to him he was ‘smoking’….to be fair in the beginning he did ask if I was 420 friendly, but to be clear he did not ask if I was 8:20, 9:20, 12:20 friendly….very different. 

No thanks.