My heart is full.

I am more in love today than I was yesterday.

I would expect that after a few months the newness would begin to fade. The anticipation and excitement to see each other may lessen. The want and need to do things for him and him for me and be each other’s everything may begin to dwindle. I would also expect that things start to feel a little routine and comfortable. Instead I am finding that our bond is stronger and deeper and I love him harder. I have never been loved quite like this before AND I have never experienced loving someone like this either. It’s incredibly selfless. I am feeling honored. I am his cheerleader in life and I know he is mine. I want him to have happiness, be successful and experience as much as he can with and without me. I want him to feel his heart beat and I want him to be excited about life. I want him to feel loved and appreciated every single day.

I was asked the other day if I really did like him? I love him. He is the one I’m letting hold my heart with his hands. He’s gently teaching me how to trust and depend on someone.

With moments of confusion, hesitation and even a hurt feeling or two along the way, we have learned how to communicate better. We talk through each of them and in turn the list of things that I adore about him grows. 

 I am excited, learning, happy, growing, experiencing and having the time of my life with someone who fills my heart.