This statement should be followed by the following warnings;

your heart will skip a beat when his name pops up on your phone.

you will miss him minutes after he leaves you.

a simple thought of him will take your breath right away.

you will find yourself picking up random things just cause you know he likes them.

he won’t ever squeeze you or kiss you too much.

you will think about how he fits into your circle.

you will start to include him in your future plans.

you can’t wait to share your most exciting, saddest, happiest, toughest moments with him first.

you will never get close enough to him. Ever.

he will make you smile stupidly and randomly.

before he leaves, you will find yourself figuring out when you will see him next.

you will genuinely wonder how his day is going.

you will feel proud of his accomplishments and proud of him as a human being.

his hands will soothe you soul.

his words will calm your mind.

you will want him to feel just as good as he makes you feel.

he will be one of your first thoughts and last thoughts of the day.

he will make you want to be a better person. Every day. 



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