Gawd I’m grateful…

Ever been lucky enough to meet someone that makes you melt from your insides out, someone that makes you feel things you didn’t know existed? 

A new and intense excitement in your life. Butterflies when you know you’re going to see them soon, when they are holding your hand and suddenly give it a squeeze, a kiss on the forehead or a simple look into their eyes. Someone that you think about when you begin your day and the person you can’t help but think about as you snuggle yourself into bed at night. Someone you subconsciously plan future things with. Someone that makes you want more out of life and has sparked something so crazy and incredible inside you that it feels magical. Someone that allows you to dream big, genuinely loves to hear you laugh, and looks into your eyes with admiration when you speak. Someone you are willing to give yourself to fully and completely trust. Someone that only has the best of intentions with your heart. Someone that you have decided to take a chance on because it’s better to have loved hard and chance having your heart broken then to have never allowed yourself to feel any of these things and always wondered. 

This is my reality today. I am so damn grateful.


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