The trucker

Life is strange.

I still believe that everyone comes in your life for a reason, regardless of what that ends up being. Sometimes it just takes a bit to figure it out….and sometimes you never figure it out.

 The trucker.

Recently I swiped right with a trucker, ends up we went to the same high school, but we had never met. We chatted quite a bit and seemed to hit it off. We liked a lot of the same things and had some good conversation, it seemed easy. One night we decided to chat on the phone. We talked for 2 hours, there were a couple of things that didn’t sit well with me. 1) told a story about having VIP passes for a theme park and going on the same ride a bunch of times to piss off a couple who had been waiting for the front – dick move. 2) talked about his driving partner and how her family had invited him for thanksgiving and his first comment was he said yes cause he enjoys a free meal (meh), next he said he’d never go back cause the food was awful…..and he actually told her how awful it was – total dick, who does that? We get off the phone and I’m sitting there thinking…..we could have had a great conversation for 112 minutes BUT here I am stuck on the 8 minutes it took for him to tell those 2 stories and now I can’t seem to get past it. I asked around and I was told, that maybe he was nervous or just talking it up, maybe he wasn’t really a dick, I should give him a chance. Okay fine….so we continue to chat and have plans to meet in a few weeks when he returns from work. It wasn’t an exciting, he gives me butterflies when he texts me but I looked forward to hearing what he had to say. That brings me to a couple weeks back. He texts me and asks, do you like haunted houses? I reply with I do, as long as I have an arm to hold onto and a big guy to hide behind I think they’re great. He responds with, well I’m the type that ‘accidentally’ loses the person I go in with haha leaving them on their own. I think hm. Dick. Then he says do you like scary movies? I respond with much of the same, again an arm to hold on to and someone to protect me. He says…..well I’m sort of a dick. I like to reach out and slap a leg at the scary part and ask if you need a drink. That was it for me. My response was well maybe we should break up before we get together.

Here I was fighting with the fact that I thought he might be a dick and giving him a fair chance just for him to confirm that he was in fact a dick. 

10-4 good buddy ✌️


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