Beach Guy…

Friend zoned beach guy…

Lunch date. I was a little anxious and hesitant yet curious about lunch with beach guy. Have I been able to friend zone him properly? Or will I see him and melt?

We agreed on a time and he was driving in from out of town, he had a meeting and some running around to do but also thought lunch would be a good idea. I left work to meet him in the lobby. He was dressed up and looking great, one thing I have always liked about him. His appearance. He was always well groomed and well put together. We hugged and started walking to this little hole in the wall diner (a well known greasy spoon). I was fine, no melting! We get there and conversation goes as it did previously, easy. We get along just fine when we are together. No sparks though. No butterflies. I did want him to hug me or wanted some sort of human contact but I think I may have also taken that from the homeless man outside, though I always appreciated his hugs. We fought over who was going to pay as now we are friends, 2 bills are fine by me. But he won and he paid. We grabbed coffee and we hugged goodbye on the street corner. The things I liked about him, I still liked, the things I didn’t like, I still really didn’t. For me lunch couldn’t have gone any better, a nice little confirmation ensuring I made the right decision in the end. No sooner do I get back to my desk and I get a text thanking me for meeting him for lunch. An hour later I get a text with a confession from him about how having lunch with me was harder than he thought, a few texts later he mentioned that 98% of our lunch together he spent holding himself back from kissing the crap out of me. 

Since then, we have text back and forth sparatically. Most recently I think he is trying to get to me…he mentioned out of the blue that he was having dinner at a restaurant with no menu. He apparently wanted me to ask questions, so I don’t. I say back, well you’re a smart guy I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Next he says it’s a restaurant an hour away. Again hoping I ask a question, I believe… I respond with, that’s awesome a road trip! Then he says it’s with a guy that he met with the day he saw me, the guy asked him to meet a group of them for dinner and poker. I said awesome road trip and date with the fellas, he responds with, I think I’m better with the ladies. I didn’t respond. I’m not into his weird mental games.

 KissingAMillionFrogs out!

PS. I decided to join Tinder, a road I have not yet travelled….stay tuned.   


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