This ship has sailed…

I gave him an out and he took it. Things were quiet today between my blizzard and I. We started off on the right path….an early good morning from him (not sure why that hooks me and is so important?!), some chatting that followed then dead silence for most of the day. Got me thinking….too much of course. 

Maybe I should give him an out? Let him off the hook. Wait, do I want out? Am I being a chicken? What am I hoping for? 

So I waited until late afternoon, with butterflies….I text and say the countdown until I get to see your face is on, what do you feel like doing? 

His reply was that he is still in bed, (3:30pm) and he was working from home, he was still feeling crappy from the drinks he had the night before. How about junk food, pizza, and a movie? 

I sat on this for a minute and thought, if he was given an out and he took it, I’d rather that then him suffer through hanging out with me. I’m not into making people do things out of obligation. 

So I text back and said if you want to reschedule it’s totally cool, I’d rather see you when you’re 100%, take this down time and enjoy your bed. 

He replied and asked if I was serious and said that he didn’t want to disappoint me. 

And there it is. 

I was nice with my reply and mentioned I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Now here’s the catch. I am totally disappointed and bummed out!! The kind of bummed out where I could drive across town and buy a tub of my favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream and eat the entire thing. Then maybe watch a chick flick, take all the paint off my nails and call it a night. I don’t think it’s HIM as much as it’s the entire bloody process. He peaked my curiosity and was nice and I found him to be interesting, he was someone I had on the back of my mind for a while….but I don’t want or need his wish washiness in my life. I want someone that see’s something they want and they go after it. Show interest and grab ahold. His actions tell me otherwise. 
The last kick to my girly nuts came in the form of a fb post I saw that he posted this evening with a picture of Taco Bell saying he drove an hour tonight to see his mom. 

I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt, maybe she needed him or he needed to see her. After all who am I to judge? I just hope he thought about how it might make someone feel when they see the post after cancelling out on them. Maybe he did and he’s 100% okay with that. In that case, I’m better having not wasted my time going to meet him again. 


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