Friday’s forecast: appears to be sunny with a good chance of a blizzard.

My Christmas blizzard, who is also going to be known as boat guy if this goes any further. There is something completely romantic about sailing which is one of his many and biggest passions. Ahem, anyways, he and I are on for later today (the 8th, as originally planned). We chatted back and forth last night via text flirty and fun. I have a better feeling about things (I think), obviously not confident. I just hope he doesn’t feel obligated in anyway and I hope he wasn’t completely under the influence when we discussed and agreed to hanging out. He did mention having a few beers…although some may argue that it could be liquid courage, he told me that he’s super shy. We asked questions back and forth and when I asked if he thought there was a right time for certain things like a first kiss, sex, etc….he sent me this write up about kisses, I loved it: 

Shut-up and kiss her

…and about sex, he gave this well thought out answer that I had never considered. I like his mind. 

Wish me luck, and hopefully I’ll be writing something exciting Saturday! If not exciting, at least something definitive. 

Ps. I have agreed to having lunch with friend zoned beach guy on Tuesday. I have exactly 1hr away from work to meet him and eat. I believe when it’s over (the relationship) you see a ton of reasons why it would never have worked out and all of a sudden all the things you disliked are like flashing neon lights. It’s a good closure thing. 


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