Dairy J


With faith in the process I go back to  my app and find a message from another guy I’ve nicknamed Dairy J. I don’t think I’m overly attracted to him but I do want to give this whole dating thing a fair chance besides I do believe you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. I was also curious to know if I need to have some sort of attraction first or if you can gain that in a first date/meeting. We talked a little back and forth through the site. He had 3 girls, sounded dedicated as he coached their sports, he sounded hard working as he helped run his family’s dairy farm and also sounded as though he stayed in shape. We decided to meet at a local coffee shop and again to avoid the weird hello in front of people we met in the parking lot. I knew what he was driving so I parked close to his truck. As he gets out I remember thinking I’m pleasantly surprised, he looks better in person than his online pictures. He was not exactly what I’d call my type, but my type hasn’t worked out in the past so at this point I’m all for changing things up!  We hug and when I look back I remembered thinking he’s a good hugger. He pulled me in tight, strong yet gentle. We went inside and I ordered a coffee and he ordered a hot chocolate. Although I pulled out money he paid. Conversation was a little rough, I looked at my phone to check the time quite a bit, not a good sign especially because every time I checked it I swore it had to have been later than that. I asked a lot of questions and told some stories to break the silence. One thing that struck me as odd as while I was talking he would be looking at me and his face would slowly scrunch up and eyes were squinted, when I stopped talking his face went back to normal. This appeared to be his listening face. This is a first for me. I did not know this was a thing. I needed to know more so I would talk for a few minutes and right when it was all scrunched up I’d pause and take a drink of my coffee, his face would relax and go back to normal. I tested this 3-4 times to make sure this wasn’t me. The last time I almost burst out laughing and I decided I  could not do this anymore. He was nice, but there really was nothing there. I guzzled back the last of my coffee (it had almost been an hour), and we walked out to our vehicles. He turned and hugged me AND if I could stay with someone just for the hug alone I would have picked him. 

He messaged to make sure I got home safely, I thanked him for the coffee and the rest is history…

The process continues…

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